Introducing the Caddy Loyalty Program

Caddy Rewards is launching in 2021 to recognize your continued loyalty through rewards dollars and unique benefits. We built the rewards program because customers wanted the holistic Caddy experience to improve every time they referred a friend to an on-demand move.

It’s no secret that the moving industry is known for having below average experiences, so when a customer receives a quality service, it’s easy to talk about. On-demand moving services are becoming increasingly popular and necessary for how quickly the world is moving these days, and we’re not slowing down.

Whether you’re using Caddy for the first, second, or tenth time, you’ve shown us how much you value being rewarded for loyalty.

So in response, we’re rolling out the most ambitious Rewards program in the moving industry yet, one that’ll provide more freedom to redeem reward dollars when and how you want, all-new point redemption options, and a limitless reward redemption period.. Yes, limitless.

These changes are our way of saying thanks for trusting Caddy to help move your family, relocate your belongings, or simply reorganize the garage in these challenging times. As you stay nimble in the face of everyday challenges, we’re committed to moving in stride with updates like these.  

A Whole New Way to Redeem Reward Dollars 

As a reminder, reward dollars are earned on every eligible dollar spent with moves on Caddy.

Here’s how the program is evolving: 

  • More Freedom to Redeem: Previously, you could only redeem a Reward once you accrued $50 in rewards–no more, no less. Now, you’ll be able to redeem a Reward whenever you want. There’s also no limit on how many Rewards dollars you can redeem! 
  • All-New Redemption Options: Previously, you could only select from a handful of Rewards redemption moving options. Today, the program will expand to all moving options on Caddy’s platform including book-in-advance single mover, single hour services. More options means more choices to identify the Reward that best fits your needs.
  • Extended Redemption Period: Previously, you’d need to redeem reward dollars within 100 days or they’d expire. Now, you’ll have a limit to use your Dollars from the time you earn them. Plus, any leftover Dollars from your last redemption can still be spent or accrued however you like!

Bringing Loyalty Options to Life 

As the first to bring an on-demand moving loyalty program to life, we’re taking freedom of choice to the next level.