Getting Diversity Right at Caddy

Since day one at Caddy, the simple idea of “tap a button and get moving help” has changed people’s lives, and now it has become something much more profound. At Caddy, we work to reimagine the way the world moves. We believe that everyone should be empowered to move freely and safely—physically, economically, and socially. In order to do this, we have to fight racism and be a champion for full equity, both inside our company and on our platform. We must use our technology, our data, and our voice to create a safer, more inclusive company and to be a strong ally to all the communities we serve.

The year of 2020 was incredibly challenging for everyone, as Caddy and society more broadly grappled with the health and economic impacts of a pandemic and a global reckoning on race. The devastating impacts were not felt evenly, as COVID brought into sharp realization the inequities that have persisted in society for far too long.

You’re probably thinking that Caddy is not exactly the company you’d expect to be speaking up on this front. But after a lot of reflection and change, we continue to challenge ourselves to be a different and better company.

We've been actively measuring our compensation data to achieve pay equity. We have a clear-cut anti-discrimination policy and unambiguous community guidelines for everyone who uses our platforms. 

But this is not enough. Today, we are making several new, long-term commitments to drive this work forward:

Ridding Our Platform of Racism

  • No commitment, no move: Our Community Guidelines explicitly prohibit racist behavior and we will continue to ensure that everyone using our platform understands what’s expected and commits to the rules.

  • Anti-racism education for movers: Together with experts, we will develop new anti-racism and unconscious bias training for movers

  • Specialized customer support: We will offer our customer support agents specialized training on bias and discrimination, and commit to improving our platforms to make it simpler and easier for anyone to report discrimination issues to us.

Fighting Racism with Technology

  • Inclusive product design: We will create a new dedicated Inclusivity and Accessibility Product Lead role to help design and build products that are inclusive and meet the needs of our customers, no matter your race, gender, age, or ability.

  • Diverse teams for diverse customers: We will further expand the pipeline of Black and other underrepresented technical workers by broadening our internship and fellowship programs in partnership with global NGOs.

Sustaining Equity and Belonging for All

  • Pay equity: We will continue to focus on maintaining this important measure of equity going forward.

  • Double Black representation in leadership: We plan to double Black representation in leadership by 2025 through pipeline development and hiring. We define leadership as those with Director titles and above.

  • Transparency on our progress: We will begin to publish an annual Diversity Report and expand it to include data on intersectionality and self-identification.

  • Double the talent pipeline: We want to create pathways for movers and Caddy customer support staff, many of whom are people of color, to advance their careers. We’ll aim to double the pipeline of people who want to pursue corporate or other opportunities with Uber by 2025.

We are optimistic that these actions will go a very long way towards ensuring that everyone who works at or with Caddy will be treated equally and feel like they belong. But today is just one day: it is more important that we follow through, even after it feels like the outrage has cooled and business as usual has returned. I therefore ask you to hold us, and every organization pledging change, accountable for every step we take along the way.