What you need to know before moving to Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL, is one of the most popular cities in the US that Americans are moving to in 2022, and for good reason.

There’s some obvious reasons why many are moving to Jacksonville, like the phenomenal year-round weather, remarkable beaches, and above-average surfing conditions from the Atlantic coast.

But before you make the big decision to move to Jacksonville or its surrounding areas, there are some things you should know! Like any city, there are a few cons to take into consideration. 

Jax, J-Ville, the ‘gateway to Florida’ you name it. Jacksonville is the place to be if you love the outdoors, warm weather, and safe community it provides. There are loads of activities to do with children and friends, natural preserves, top-notch restaurants and plenty more. 

Jacksonville currently holds a little over 900,000 residents, and this makes the city the 12th most populated city in the US. Jacksonville is also the third largest seaport in Florida.

Jacksonville is perfectly positioned next to I-95 and interstate 10 which makes it a convenient location to take weekend trips with the family or travel further northeast. If you are moving to Jacksonville, Florida then be sure to read this guide to learn more about the city. Here are:

9 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Jacksonville, Florida

1. Affordable Cost of Living

We’re sure that all you have been hearing about the past year has been skyrocketing home prices around the country. Well, we’re here to bring you some good news! Jacksonville, FL ranks all the way down at number 51 for the list of most expensive cities in the United States.

The cost of living in Jacksonville, FL is roughly 10% lower than the national average, and the average salary to live here is just under $40,000.

The average home price goes for around $200,000. Jacksonville, FL is known to have one of the cheapest costs of living in all of Florida, and living here doesn’t mean less quality, because Jacksonville has just as much to offer as pretty much any other city in the sunny state of Florida!

2. Prime Real Estate

In lieu with cost of living, finding some above-average real estate options in Jacksonville, FL is not a hard task. Housing prices in Jacksonville are about 20% below the national average, and due to the amazing affordability, many residents own rather than rent here.

Whether you’re looking to move to downtown Jacksonville, out in the burbs, or find a plot of land near the beach, there is going to be a home for everybody! If buying is not for you right now, renting is also easy to come by in Jacksonville.

Once you figure out your budget, dream location, and have a move-in date, contact your trusted team of Caddy Movers to help you get moved into your dream home!

3. A Perfect Location 

Yes, we said that. Jacksonville is in the perfect location in Florida. The city lies in the northeast portion of the state and with that, it’s easy to travel to other major cities and destinations around the country. Only two hours from Orlando, five hours from Atlanta, and relatively close to Tampa, Miami, and Naples.

The stellar location makes it easy plan day or weekend trips with the family. There is plenty to explore in this state and have some wonderful mini vacations!

4. Up and Coming Job Market 

The job market in Jacksonville, FL is hot. Growing by over 10% annually, there are no lack of job opportunities in this city. The unemployment rate in Jacksonville is currently at 3.5% and is ranked just second in the state for job growth.

JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity National Financial, Winn-Dixie, Landstar, and Web.com all have headquarters in Jacksonville. Lastly, the Naval Air Station and local universities offer plenty of jobs for its residents as well.

The average salary in Jacksonville is $45,000, and while this may seem low, remember the cost of living here will make up for it. 

5. Home of Gorgeous Beaches

You were probably expecting this one! Jacksonville is home to some of the most popular beaches in all of Florida. Jacksonville is known for having the most shoreline out of any city in the US, perfect for anyone who loves sand and sun every day! Expect breathtaking views and ideal tanning spots.

There’s plenty of access to piers, surfing, kayaking, and boating. Each beach in the area has its own charm and distinct feel, so adventure to nearby attractions and coastal communities to decide which beach is your favorite.

6. Culture is Celebrated

Jacksonville, Florida breathes art and culture. With so many people moving here, a diverse community has been created. Since its discovery in the year 1564 and foundation in 1822, the city is proud of its heritage and celebrates its history and culture through festivals, gatherings, museums, and live music.

This beloved art and history can be experienced everywhere in the city including in historic neighborhoods and an art district downtown. Recognized as the birthplace of southern rock, attend one of the many music festivals and concerts.

Jacksonville is so enriched in its culture that the city is considered one of the top art cities in the United States. Explore the wonders of the area and celebrate what it means to be a resident.

7. You Will Never Be Bored 

There is more to Jacksonville than just the beach. Often referred to as the “River City by the Sea,” there is always something exciting to do. As a new resident, you will quickly learn that there is an abundance of activities to choose from for all ages.

Spice up your afternoons and weekends by trying new activities and going somewhere different. Check out our previous article about the top 10 best things to do in Jacksonville, FL!

8. Superior Education

Prized for having some of the best public schools in the country, the city of Jacksonville was ranked by U.S. News for having some of the nation’s best school systems. These high-ranking schools are in Duval, Nassau, St. Johns, Clay, and Baker counties.

The city is also home to some of the top institutions in the state of Florida. The Florida State College at Jacksonville, the University of North Florida, Jacksonville University, Edward Waters College, Trinity Baptist College, and the Chamberlin University College of Nursing are all in the city.

Flagler College is close by in St. Augustine, Florida. As you can see this is a well-educated area with plenty of higher education opportunities.

9. The Amazing Food

Featured on the Forbes list of five surprising foodie cities, the food scene in Jacksonville is rising to the top. While the food here might not be as talked about compared to other cities in Florida, expect to find bold flavors, famous chefs, and culinary works of art.

Locally caught seafood and fresh produce are a given on any menu. Since Jacksonville is only 25 miles south of the Georgia state line, bold southern flavors make a constant appearance. Find yourself dining at upscale restaurants, oceanside grills, or family-owned pubs and taverns.

Is Moving to Jacksonville for you?

As you can see, Jacksonville, Florida is a great place to live. Home to over 850 square miles of clean beaches and coastline, the city is full of natural beauty and wildlife.

Thanks to the affordable cost of living, growing job opportunities, and endless amounts of entertainment, the population continues to grow. Not only is it the largest city in Florida, but the weather is warm and sunny.

Now is the time to move to Jacksonville. When you’ve made the decision and have your move-in date, book with Caddy Moving and we’ll make sure you get all settled in your dream home smoothly and safely without breaking the bank!