What is ‘Moving On-Demand?’ Think Uber.. but for Moving!

What’s the easiest way to describe what we do at Caddy Moving? Give an example that everybody can understand, of course! We commonly refer to the phrase, “Think Uber.. but for moving.”


Moving On-demand is a revolutionary moving process that gives you the power to reserve, customize, and adjust your move 24/7/365, all at the click of a button. Say goodbye to tedious phone calls, difficult-to-get-ahold of moving companies, and hidden fees.
Caddy believes in giving you full control of your moving experience as well as being completely transparent the whole way through. Know exactly what you’re paying for before you confirm your reservation, and cancel or change any time with no additional fees.
Read on as we go through the top three reasons why our approach is far superior than the conventional way of moving, and why you’ll be confidently sticking with moving on-demand with Caddy forever.


1. Reserve your movers whenever it’s convenient for you

The most obvious, and possibly most important reason, why using a moving on-demand service like Caddy is superior is because of the convenience factor.

We understand that moving can have it’s curveballs- like realizing the night before you’ll need some additional help, or having a moving company cancel on you right before your reservation.

Conventional moving services simply won’t be able to help you, as you won’t be able to call their phone late into the evening or request a team come out same-day (or at least without charging you an arm and a leg, that is).

What you’ll love about our process is that we allow you to book your movers 24/7 conveniently on our website. No need to call us and speak with an operator during “working hours.”

Simply head to our Book Now Page and customize your move in just a few minutes. With moving on-demand, you’re able to get a team of professional movers out to you with no hassle at all, no phone operators to connect to, and no working hours to abide by. That’s what truly makes us ‘moving on-demand.’ 

2. Customize your booking with straightforward pricing, and find a solution that fits your budget 

Don’t you love it when your moving company requires a representative to come out to give an in-home estimate?

Dragging you through a long list of reasons they’ll need to charge you a fortune including hidden, transportation, and change fees just waiting to be tacked on to your receipt?

Doesn’t sound very fun, or fair. With moving on-demand, you’re able to see exactly what you’re being charged for before you confirm your reservation. You will know exactly what’s affecting the charges on your booking and you’ll be able to adjust accordingly to fit your budget. 

This is fair, honest, and easy to use. Our booking process with Caddy only takes a few minutes to complete and all you need is a computer or mobile device and internet connection!

When you go through the checkout process, you’ll be given a list of dates and times that will be more budget-friendly, so you can stay in control of your charges and see exactly what’s affecting your estimate.

Before you confirm, you’ll see a rundown of your reservation so you can make sure everything checks-out..  before you.. check out!

Then, if anything does come up before your moving day, you can easily adjust, change, or cancel your reservation for no additional fees.

3. You’re in control

It’s easy to feel taken advantage of with conventional moving companies because of their slick sales reps, hidden pricing figures, and additional fees that add up quickly.

Utilizing our moving on-demand services means your requests are filled exactly when you want them and how you want them. Nobody will sell you into purchasing a more expensive option or lead you into additional costs to take advantage of you.

You are in full control of your booking and you’ll be able to conveniently see cost-effective options compared to other dates, times, and additional variables. 

Also, after you place your reservation with Caddy you can head to your account at any time on our website and make adjustments if needed. You can add or subtract movers, change the date and time, or cancel all at the click of a button.

No other moving service allows you to have this much control over your booking, and we are proud to be the leading figure in the moving on-demand scene. 

So, what’s holding you back from pivoting from the conventional way? We guarantee once you get a taste of moving on-demand, you’ll be beyond pleased and eager to share with your friends and family. Book your move today on our website, or reach out to us if you still have questions!