Moving to Charlotte: Everything you need to know!

Are you considering moving to Charlotte, NC? Many know of Charlotte as the city of comfortable rocking chairs, Southern hospitality, and busy international airport. There’s much more to offer at the Queen City home, although, and if you choose to move to Charlotte you can anticipate friendly, varied neighborhoods, a booming craft beer scene and a prime central location in North Caroline.
Read on as the team at Caddy Moving has put together a rounded list of things you need to know before you move to Charlotte, NC!

What is it Like Moving to Charlotte, NC?

Before moving to Charlotte, you should definitely become familiar with the main parts of town. Here are the major attractions that you will experience here as a true Charlottean:

  • Myers Park: Neighborhood with plenty of shops, fine dining, museums, and lovely green spaces.
  • Uptown: Charlotte’s city center. Check out the Nascar museum, catch a Hornets (NBA) or Panthers (NFL) game. Uptown has performing arts and much more to offer.
  • Dilworth: Packed with quaint bungalows and home to some of the best restaurants. Freedom Park is also a great place for a nature walk.
  • Noda: (North Davidson) is an artsy scene with the best dive bars for PBR lovers. Noda is also known for its live music venues.
  • South End: This neighborhood has it all: breweries, artisan shops, hip restaurants, and hiking/biking trails.
  • Plaza-Midwood: offers a sophisticated take on art with cocktail galleries and gastropubs.

By the way, the job market here in Charlotte, NC is pretty hot! Especially for those working in financial services, Charlotte is home to the headquarters of Bank of America, as well as Wells Fargo Securities and other major financial firms. The city is also a major healthcare hub, with the Carolinas Healthcare System serving as the region’s largest employer. And the Charlotte tech sector seems to keep growing and growing each year just like you how would find in San Francisco or Austin.

Quick stats about Charlotte, NC:

  • Population: 898,902 (
  • Cost of living: 1.8% Higher than the National Average (
  • Median 1-bedroom apartment cost: $1,079 (
  • Average salary: $67K (


10 Things to Know Before Moving to Charlotte

1. It’s “Uptown” Charlotte, not downtown

We know, we know. It’s tedious and clever. This nickname comes from the early residents of Charlotte who had to go uphill to sell their goods at Trade and Tryon. The common phrase then was going “up to town” and quickly became ‘uptown.’ The name came back during a 1980s public relations push to make downtown sound more polished, and it’s still around. Embrace your inner Bruno Mars and roll with the Uptown funk, and don’t call it downtown!


2. Pizza is pretty serious in Charlotte

There may not be a famous style like a New York or Chicago pizza in Charlotte, but you can find a slice bigger than a baby at Benny Pennello’s in NoDa. We’re also home base for expanding chains FUEL and Brixx Pizza.

3. The weather in Charlotte is pretty unpredictable

Torrential downpour one minute, then sunny skies 20 minutes later? Yeah, not unusual in the summer months. Fall is unseasonably warm, and freezing spring days are immediately followed by temperatures in the mid-60s. The only thing Charlotte residents know for sure is the weather will always keep you guessing!

4. Craft culture is a way of life in Charlotte

Craft beer, craft cocktails, craft sodas, craft coffee, arts and crafts – Charlotte is all about making things from scratch and putting an authentic twist on things! There’s no end to small batch breweries, specialty house cocktails featuring local ingredients, home grown coffee roasters and more!


5. Craft beer, anyone?

When you move to Charlotte, you can expect it to take you at least a few months to visit all the 25+ craft breweries in the area. From amazing taprooms, expansive biergarten, to cozy wood-lined walls, there’s a brewery and a brew for everyone.


6. We all have a dream house in Queens

As a company that embraces moving people to their dream homes, it’s certainly a right of passage to drive or stroll along Queens Rd. and pick out your future home. The wide avenue is lined with giant shade trees and perfectly manicured lawns stretch up to dreamy Southern dollhouses. Just remember to book your trusted Charlotte Movers from Caddy when you pick out the perfect spot!


7. Charlotte is close to the mountains and the ocean

What more could you ask for? Charlotte is in perfect location for weekend getaways to mountain spots like Asheville or Boone as well as coastal trips to Wilmington or Charleston.  If you love the outdoors you can spend countless hours boating, swimming and fishing in Lake Wylie, a 21-square mile reservoir that extends all the way into neighboring South Carolina.


8. All of the apartments here kind of look the same.

As familiar as we are with the real estate market, we can confidently say that with the boom in the apartment market more people are choosing to move to Charlotte’s apartment scene than anywhere else in the country. From prime areas like South End, Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood, there are options for everyone. 


9. Panthers pride in Charlotte is a real thing

Charlotte residents love their Panthers football. Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, and Greg Olsen are like superheroes in this city. Prepare for bars to be packed on Sunday gameday with upbeat fans!


10. Known for building roots and welcoming you

It feels like a great time to move to Charlotte. Charlotte is constantly in the process of creating a new and authentic identity and writing the Queen City story. You’ll certainly find that the residents in Charlotte welcome newcomers with open arms and encourage you to create traditions and spread them. 

There you have it! If Charlotte seems like the place for you, don’t wait on paying a visit or beginning to search the listings on Zillow. When you’ve found your dream home in Queens or your youthful apartment in South End, book a team of professional Charlotte Movers to make your transition stress-free, easy, and affordable!