The Ultimate Moving Day Checklist! (Free Download!)

Congratulations on booking your move! We are so excited for you to embark on this change in your life. We understand that choosing to move can come with equal parts excitement AND anxiety. We’re here to relieve that stress right away, and get you secured with a moving checklist that has been proven through experience to yield successful moves for our clients. You can count on this checklist to be your sure-fire fallback to making sure you don’t forget a thing. Read on as we take you through the LAST moving checklist you will ever need! - Brought to you by the pros at Caddy Moving :)

60 Days Before Your Moving Day

If you’re more than two months out from your move, you can be a superstar and begin tackling these tasks now, or you can enjoy some time of celebration before you hit the 60 day mark. But, if you’re within 60 days of moving day, we recommend getting started on the following- because there’s no time to waste, even though it seems as though you’re still far out from moving day. These next 60 days will go by very fast, there will be things that come up, and lots of planning that needs to start sooner rather than later. We want you to have the most successful move possible, with the least amount of stress endured. To do this, we recommend you start considering the task items above. Some of the items might not apply to you, and some of the items you might consider doing a bit closer to moving date. From our experience, we have found that most clients have the most success when they tackle these tasks sooner rather than later. That’s the big take home message with this list! Get started one these items first so you don’t forget about them.


Choose your moving date and reserve your moving company

Be aware that for most moving companies, the day you move can affect prices due to demand. Similar to flying, we recommend choosing a weekday for moving and reserving as far out in advance as you can for more budget-friendly options. But, we understand that not everyone can always take off work. If moving on a weekend is non-negotiable, our next recommendation is to avoid moving the first or last weekend of the month, as those days tend to be busiest. As far as choosing who to go with, we recommend looking for a reliable, reputable, experienced company with great reviews. Reviews are probably the best thing to look at when choosing a moving company, because you’ll quickly learn whether the experience from past customers has been pleasurable or terrible. 


Make a moving folder, and begin securing important documents

It’s easy to lose important documents during the moving process, lost in the shuffle of boxes and papers and all. So save yourself the stress and keep them all those important papers together in a designated moving folder. This can be a cheap folder from around your home, a binder, a physical file cabinet or a digital folder on your computer, such as Google Drive. But make sure to store all of your important documents inside like moving quotes, insurance records, vet records for your pet, and your lease, if applicable. You’ll want these moving receipts to use as a tax deduction come April. If you’re moving between rentals, it’s helpful to have a copy of your old and new lease and photos that show the condition of your apartment when you left it.


Begin sorting, decluttering, and selling and/or donating your items

At Caddy, we believe less really is more.. the less stuff you have, the easier it is to move! Focus on organizing your storage areas and getting rid of everything you can part with. As you declutter, only throw away the truly useless stuff. Host a garage sale, sell items on Craigslist, or, better yet, make donations to local charities. You can find places to donate in your area here.


Start collecting moving supplies

You’d be surprised how many business toss perfectly good cardboard boxes that are perfect for moving! You can save money by looking for these free boxes at liquor stores, grocery stores, and restaurants near you. Another great option is the grocery chain, Aldi. Also make sure you have sturdy tape, permanent markers, and old newspapers or bubble wrap, as these will certainly come in handy in the following weeks. It’s much better to have these on-hand now, rather than rush out to the store in the midst of packing to get more supplies. Bulk up now, and if you have any material leftover, save it for your next project or pass it along to the next friend or family member .. These items won’t expire ;)


Begin packing items you won't use for a while, and label everything!

Choose a corner and start packing items you won’t use before moving. Begin by packing off-season clothes, books, and other seasonal items or non-essential items you won’t be using in the days prior to your moving day. Specialty items like that air fryer or sous vide machine you use a handful of times a year? It’s probably safe to go ahead and pack them! We recommend packing kitchen appliances in their original boxes if you have them. If not, be sure to use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to keep your kitchen items secure during transport! Make an inventory list of items and break them down into essential, non-essential, and unwanted items for further organizing detail. Labeling is another packing tip you definitely shouldn’t ignore. As you begin the packing process, be sure to label your boxes as you go. It’s easier if you pack boxes room by room.


Measure large furniture and compare it to your new home

Note the dimensions of your new home to see what furniture will fit and where. You might discover a few pieces just won’t fit or have a place. You don’t want to take the trouble to move that L-shaped sectional if it won’t fit!

Tip: Don’t feel like you need to have all of these tasks completed right at the 60 day mark. You should begin considering these items at the 60 day mark, and make it a goal to have all these items completed by the next milestone: 30 days. 

30 Days Before Your Moving Day

You’re one month out! Nerves might be starting to slip in, but since you crushed the 60 day goals, you’re probably feeling confident at the same time. Keep the momentum going into this next month. Things are about to ramp up a bit and you’re going to have a bit more to check off between now and the next milestone: one week prior. Because there is more on your plate, we recommend your moving plans the priority in your life right now. To do this, make this checklist the first thing you think about every day. Consider rising just 30 minutes earlier than you’re used to, and check off one of these items each day. When you make your moving plans the priority in your life, you’ll feel in control, less stressed, and have a better time thinking about all of other life’s priorities during the day. If you save these tasks for the end of the day, you might find they slip into your thoughts throughout the day, causing you to feel a bit of underlying stress.


Check rental requirements and be sure to notify your landlord

Is your new home a rental? Be sure you notify your new landlord or new property manager. Most rental places require at least one month’s notice that you won’t be renewing your lease.


If leaving a rental: make minor repairs 

Filling in the nail holes can go a long way in getting your whole security deposit back. It’s also good to ask your new property manager if there are other moving day requirements. Some apartments or rental homes require you to schedule a final walk-through.


Transfer services (i.e. home security, internet, lawn-care etc.)

Change your address and update subscriptions as well as any home-security, pest-control, house-cleaning, and lawn-care services you receive. Set up disconnect/reconnect dates with your phone, water, cable, internet, gas, and electricity providers in advance and avoid a cancellation fee. Pay any deposits for new services in advance. Check if your cable and internet providers are in your new city. If they are, let them know you’re moving. If not, shop around and see what your options are.


Talk to your children about the move

Now is the time to begin the conversation with your kids about moving and the feelings they might experience. If you’re moving out of your current city, be sure to give them chances to say goodbye to their friends and their current school.


Keep adding to your moving folder 

Contact your health-care providers to obtain medical records for you, your family members, and vet and vaccination records for your pets. Make sure passports, social security cards, and birth certificates and other legal documents are together and all in a safe place.


Map your journey and plan hotel/Airbnb arrangements

If you’re moving a long distance, take extra time to plan your route. If it’s a multi-day journey, think about which cities you’ll spend the night in. AAA has free guide books and maps for most major cites. Book hotels or Airbnb for your trip. If you’re bringing along a four-legged friend, book a few weeks in advance and make sure the accommodations are pet-friendly.


Schedule time off work for moving day

Request time off of work for the time before and time after your moving day. Find a sitter for the kids and someone to watch your pets while you move.


Reserve your elevator

If you’re moving into a place with an elevator, see if you can reserve one. A lot of apartment and condominium complexes also have a freight elevator that can be booked.


Organize your file cabinet


Shred or recycle the papers you don’t need


Pack valuable items mindfully, and label fragile items as 'fragile'

This is a moving and packing tip we all know, but it is so important. Any box that has something remotely breakable needs to be clearly labeled “Fragile.” This also helps movers as they stack items they don’t want to crush your dishes or other household items either! Speaking of valuables, it’s also a good idea to make a list of the items that are very, very important to you. You want to know exactly where you’re packing them if they’re going in a pod, storage, or moving truck.


Continue packing! Make an effort every day

Box the items that survived the decluttering stage. Think about what you’ll need to use right up until move day such as clothing, essential cooking items, toiletries, shoes, and chargers. Be sure not to pack those things! Use soft packing material. Resourcefulness makes for quick packing. Use dish towels, blankets, and socks as a way to damage-proof fragile items. It’s easy to get burned-out, so try to make a packing schedule and checklists and complete a little each day. Your moving day will be so much easier if you keep at it.


Record the serial numbers of valuable items

This is also a good time to do those things your future self will thank you for. As you begin to think about packing your valuables bikes, TVs, computers, et cetera take note of your item details and serial numbers. Knock on wood you never need them, but having this information on your moving checklist can be a lifesaver should you ever experience a break-in.

Tip: Organization is huge within the final 30 days to your move- even if you weren’t on top of everything the previous 30 days. Keep this list on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, or somewhere else you will see it every day. You got this!


One week before your moving day

Wow! One week already? That was quick. You’re so close to your move, and you’ve already accomplished so much, you might feel as tho you’re in the clear. But now is the final stretch. Stay on top of the items listed above and power through these next seven days with sincere organization, focus, and prioritization. We don’t want anything to become forgotten about now- because anything that is forgotten about now might cause a dent in your plans or schedule. It’s crucial you knock these items out as soon as you can, because this is where we see most clients become disorganized. Everything you’ve checked off before this point has set you up to finish strong, with just a few items to accomplish before 24 hours out. You can do it!


Check to make sure your auto and homeowners insurance operate in your new location

Make sure to inform your insurance agent or insurance company you operate in your new location. If renting, make sure to notify your renters insurance company about your new address.


Pack up your pantry items

Defer any extensive baking and cooking plans until after your move. Start going through your pantry for items you could donate to local charities.


Check for any deliveries that might still be scheduled to come to your current address

It’s a good idea to try to adjust the shipping address or ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for those packages.


Deep clean your current home

Especially the stuff that’s easy to overlook, like windows and floorboards. Bathrooms and the kitchen should also get a thorough scrub down and take care of any slow drains. Magic erasers work great on scuff marks.


Keep loose hardware together 

When you’re disassembling your furniture or appliances, make sure to bag the screws and other hardware and then tape them to a larger item.


Plan activities for your children for moving day

Think of fun games or activities that will keep your kids occupied during the unpacking process. Bonus points if you can get them to help moving! Give each child their own personal task, and once the task is complete give them a small reward.


Back up your electronics

Back up your phone onto your computer, and consider backing up your computer as well. Keep those digital files safe! 


Cancel trash/recycling services at your current home, if applicable


Update any subscription services such as magazines, CSA deliveries, etc.

Change your address on items that deliver, too! While you’re at it, update your address for newspaper and magazine subscriptions also. Update your workplace on your new home address.

Tip: Set reminders on your phone for important tasks that you suspect might take a bit longer during this next week. Carve out time in your schedule when you know you will have the most amount of time to accomplish these things. This might mean sacrificing going out to eat or watching that Netflix series at night.

One Day Before Your Move

~It’s the final countdown.. bad-a-ba-ba!~ Can you hear the song playing in the back of your head? Congratulations on making it to this point! Take these final 24 hours in your current place for more self-prioritization. We understand that these past few weeks have been pretty crazy, but with all of your organization and commitment, you were able to accomplish a lot. Just think- most people save a lot of the tasks you accomplished 60 days ago for right now! You’re way ahead of the game, so take that to heart. Today we want you to prioritize saying goodbye to neighbors (or any local friends and family members). The task items listed above should be fairly quick to accomplish, and if you are continuing on your schedule of arising early, you can definitely knock them out within a half hour. Use any extra time to get a massage, hit the salon, or do another fun activity in your current area. Your hard work up until now gives you all the right to take some self love today.


Check the weather

If the skies look scary, reach out to your movers and see what they recommend. If you’re moving with Caddy, you’ll have complete flexibility on changing your reservation if needed for the price you’re locked in for.


Keep essentials separate and handy

We recommend you pack a separate bag of essentials such as toiletries and food for the trip, and transport it in your personal vehicle. Keep special items separate like this so they don’t get misplaced with your other boxes.


Empty all appliances that carry hazardous chemicals

This includes things like grills, lawn mowers, heaters, leaf blowers, and snow blowers all need to be emptied of oil or gasoline.


Check all nooks and crannies

Like you would before you leave a hotel, check all hidden areas especially attics or basements. Make sure you don’t leave any critical items behind!


Round up all keys to hand off to the Realtor or landlord.

That includes the garage door or parking garage fobs.


Get a good night of sleep

Tip: read our blog post about this here!


Confirm reservation details with your moving company

If you’re moving with Caddy, you’ll receive a 24 hour reminder email including all the details for your move tomorrow, confirming your reservation!


Complete any moving-out tasks as identified by your landlord


Say goodbye to your neighbors 

Tip: Don’t forget to set your alarm for tomorrow! :)

Day of Your Move

Here we go! If you reserved through Caddy, your movers will be showing up early and prepared to get you started on a successful day of moving. Sit back, relax, and let our professionals get the grunt work done quickly and efficiently. If you’ve asked friends or family to help out, make sure you have enough water for everyone and take breaks when you need them ;) 


Get up early and enjoy your last morning in your current home.


Meet your movers; if you've booked Caddy, sit back and relax!


If you've decided to move yourself, be sure to stay hydrated and always lift with your legs!


Unpack perishable food items, fragile items, and your bag of essentials

As well as anything else you would like to use on moving day.


Do a quick walk-through of your new home

Make sure nothing needs attention and all maintenance that was agreed upon was completed like painting or hardware replacements. Unpack any perishable food items you decided to bring along.


Chat with your Caddy crew

Let them know if there is anything else they can help with before they head home for the day


Tip your Caddy's in cash before they leave, or in the Thank You Email

Don’t know how much to tip? Read our blog post about it here.


Plop on the couch and feel good about a job well done!

Tip: After a successful move, you Caddy’s will ask if there is anything else they can help with. Don’t be shy to ask for some help on putting together any furniture, organizing rooms, or unpacking. Your Caddy’s are your Caddy’s for the day! Welcome home!

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