Is Hiring One Mover Even Worth It? (Hint: Yes it Is!)

You’re preparing for your move and know exactly who is going to help you day-of; Uncle Jim, Cousin Joey, and your brother Zach. But something tells you that your team of family-movers isn’t going to last all day in the 95 degree forecasted weather. You don’t necessarily want to hire out a whole crew of movers, since you already have lots of hands coming to help already, but having maybe one or two extra helpers would make you feel a bit more at ease. Is it worth it? Yes, it absolutely is! Read on to find out why.
The above scenario is a common occurrence for many of our clients, which is exactly why we do what we do here at Caddy Moving. As an on-demand moving company, we give you the ability to customize your booking exactly how you want. Need just one mover? Just for an hour? No problem. Unlike our competitors, we don’t have a minimum and don’t require you hire out a full team of movers if you don’t want to. We are truly customizable and give you the freedom to book exactly what you need.
Read on as we take you through a few more reasons why hiring an extra set of hands can be a vital decision!

You’re just short of help

 The above scenario is one reason why we believe hiring just one mover is absolutely worth it. When you have family members helping out, you are definitely going to save on moving expenses, but you do run the risk of not being able to finish on time, damaging items, or not being able to move challenging or large items. Having one professional mover to help in this circumstance will certainly help speed along the process. The one mover can even give advice on how to lift and pack items, too. Cousin Joey is strong, but he doesn’t have years of experience on how to pack a truck!


You have one item that is exceptionally larger than others

You may have lots of boxes that are all the same size, and you are confident you can lift them, but what about that one massive headboard that nears 200 pounds? Yes, it’s just one item, but if that one item can’t be lifted without professional help, you’re definitely going to want to hire that extra set of hands and avoid running the risk of hurting yourself, hurting others, or damaging the item. In this scenario, it’s best to hire that one professional mover (or two, if you don’t believe you can help or have someone who can help the mover). The professional(s) will know exactly how to handle moving the challenging item so you can focus on moving your other belongings. 


Your truck might not be able to fit everything

That truck you rented looks a lot smaller in person compared to the pictures online! You become worried that you might not be able to fit everything in one haul. In this case, hiring one professional mover can give you packing guidance as you move. This will also prevent you from having to unload the entire truck and reloading it to make sure everything fits, which will save you time. 


Your budget only allows for one mover

We get it, moving is not the cheapest endeavor. When you only have room to spare for one mover, you question whether it’s more worth it to hire the mover, or just save that extra coin. For the reasons provided above, we believe that if you fall into any of these scenarios you should hire that one mover. At the end of the day, moving can have unforeseen consequences if you don’t prepare properly (I.e. Cousin Joey getting injured at the end of a long drawn-out day, dropping a $700 headboard because you didn’t know how to handle it, or having items become damaged in transit because the truck wasn’t packed properly). All things to consider, and things that can easily be mitigated by just hiring one professional mover! 

So there you have it! There are many reasons why our clients utilize our unique booking services and choose to just hire one mover. We want you to be confident in your moving decision, and see how having lack of experience on hand can lead to unforeseen consequences. When you’re ready to book, click that bright green Book Now button at the top of this page!
If you’re still on the edge, don’t hesitate to contact us and talk with our experienced Customer Care Team.