How Does Pricing Work with Caddy?

Caddy is not your average moving company; we’re reshaping the way people think about moving one quick booking, on-time, and pleasurable moving experience at a time. There’s really only one way to describe what we do: we’re a modern day on-demand moving company. And with that comes a modern-day approach to pricing; which includes no hidden fees and additional costs. You can say goodbye to the in-home estimates and drawn-out sales calls. We don’t have a team that’s waiting for you to call in, ready to slick their way through charging you an unreasonable price and throwing in additional costs. 

With Caddy, you can say hello to a streamlined booking process that can be done in minutes on a phone, tablet, or desktop. The booking process on our website takes you through a few questions which allow you to customize your reservation (similar to booking an airline flight where you select your bags, seats, and preferred date and time). Also similar to airlines, you’re able to see our pricing upfront before you confirm, so you can pick and choose from more budget-friendly options depending on what your schedule and flexibility allow. 

Our pricing will change depending on demand and season, but we always charge an hourly rate that is honest and explained in detail during the checkout process. We have nothing to hide, no hidden fees, and no cancellation fees up to 60 minutes before your reservation time. So, what does the pricing structure look like at Caddy?

Hourly Pricing

When you make your way through our booking process, you’ll notice that the price of your move is directly correlated to the amount of movers you select and for the time you reserve them for. This is because we believe in a fair, transparent payment method for our movers. No flat rate payouts for our crew; all of our staff are paid hourly. Likewise, we will only charge you an hourly rate, so you only pay for what you use and nothing more. Here’s how our pricing works based on the number of movers you select:

1 mover: $49/hour

2 Movers: $47.5/hour

3 Movers: $$45/hour

4 Movers: $43.75/hour

5 Movers: $43/hour

6 Movers: $42.5/hour

Seasonal and Short-Notice Pricing 

You may notice that during busy parts of the year when demand is high, or when trying to book only a few days ahead, our pricing will increase a bit. This is primarily because we are short on staff and have limited availability, and for this reason we have to limit the amount of reservations we accept during the busier times. If there are ever dates and times that are completely booked and we do not have any movers available, you won’t be able to select these days whatsoever. 

Keep in mind that even with the fluctuations in pricing during busier times, Caddy still makes the utmost effort to give you more budget-friendly options. You’ll be able to see and compare dates and times that are of cheaper pricing, so if you have flexibility, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly. 

Cancellation, Change, and Hidden Fees

Caddy is no hidden fees moving company. We will never charge you for transportation costs, special requests, or anything else our competitors will tack on for. Additionally, Caddy does not charge for cancellation or change requests up to 60 minutes before your reservation time. You have the freedom of cancelling or changing your booking on our website, which only takes a minute or two. If you’re cancelling, you’ll receive a full refund with money-back guarantee.

If you have to cancel or change your booking within 60 minutes of your reservation time, you may be subject to a fee per our cancellation policy which can be found here

Locked-in hourly pricing

What happens if you booked your movers for two hours, but turns out you need them for three or more? No problem. In the event that your booking goes longer than expected, you’ll simply be charged the hourly rate that you booked for with our locked-in guarantee. You’ll be billed with the same card you used to reserve your movers, with no additional costs, and you’ll receive an email receipt of the final total.

With something as complex as moving, it can be humbling to have a system that is so smooth like Caddy. We want to keep things as clear and as easy to follow as possible, so you can spend more time thinking about the paint color of your new living room, rather than the details of your moving company. If you’re ready to experience what modern moving, hassle-free, and transparent pricing feels like, then click that bright green button below and book your Caddy’s today!