Start a Successful Side-Hustle with Caddy

When most people want to make an expensive purchase, they slowly feed money into a savings account and wait for the number to hit their goal. When most people want to take a vacation, they wait until their full-time job allows them to, and only go for as long as their vacation-time allows. When most people want to visit home for the holidays, they have to ask for permission first. 

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re starting to notice that the typical American Life has turned into more of a “life” that is guided by the corporation you’re working for. Your job dictates your life in an indirect manner. 

Let’s be clear: we’re not saying that work isn’t necessary. We believe everyone has a purpose in this world, and everyone should be contributing to the community in whatever niche is interesting to that individual person. However, what we’ve done in America is make the average worker think that they need to go to college, get a 9-5, work for 40 years, and live off of retirement. 

If you’re reading this article, you’re already one step closer to breaking out of the status quo. You’ve acknowledged the flaws in the system, and you’re curious how to break free. We’re here to help you.

Caddy was built as an entrepreneurial-based company. We believe that everyone should have the right to choose when they work and how much they work. We also believe that consistent, quality work should consistently be rewarded. Because we based our company on these beliefs, everyone at our company is an independent contractor. 

Time is Money - Be an Independent Contractor

From the Moving Helper position to everyone at the corporate level, everyone who works with Caddy Moving is an Independent Contractor (IC). Why? Because unlike an employee, an IC can dictate when they work and how much they work. This puts freedom and choice into the hands of the worker, not the manager. When you’re an employee, your manager ultimately determines when you show up to work, where you show up to work, how much you will work, how you will do your work, and what you are required to wear to work. As an IC, everything is flipped. The manager can give you guidance and instruction, but you are able to do your work as you please. 

How do we implement this at Caddy? We implement a very simple work structure; you choose when you want to work by selecting your shifts. You do the work that is outlined by the shift you selected, in the fashion you prefer. If you leave the client satisfied with your work, we immediately pay you more. If the customer is not satisfied, we reevaluate.

Caddy connects people looking for help with people who can provide the service. There are very clear goals and objectives to complete for each client. We make sure these goals are understood, and then we get out of your way. You do the work that you believe is best. After the work is done, we reevaluate. If the client was pleased with how you did the work, we reward you. If they were not satisfied, we reevaluated.

How is this different from being an employee? Well, you can dictate how often you work with us. Once a week? Seven days a week? It’s up to you. Same principle with the job duties; there is an objective for each job, and we give you guidance on how you might want to do the job to best leave the customer satisfied, but if you believe another strategy is best, then by all means you are allowed to do it. As an employee, this would not suffice, and you would have to abide by the directions from your supervisor. 

Money is Time - We pay you more, for great work 

In addition to giving everyone a Caddy the flexibility and freedom they deserve, we also believe that if you’re consistently providing great service, you should consistently be getting paid more. Completely different from an employee: who must prove themselves month after month and hope to get a raise during the one-year check-in with their supervisor. 

How does this work at Caddy? We take reviews extremely seriously. If you’re a Moving Helper, for example, every time you receive a 5-star review your hourly wage gets bumped by $0.10 indefinitely. Every time you receive a 1-star or 2-star review, we reevaluate and talk with you about what happened and if there is something that needs to be addressed. 

To put this into perspective, the average mover with Caddy Moving will work 10 shifts a week, or 40 shifts per month. If you are providing great service day in and day out, you’re looking at a $4 increase in hourly wage every month. In one year, you’re looking at making $48 more per hour than when you started. Show us another side-hustle that rewards you like this. You won’t be able to find one!

What does rewarding great work do? It puts more control into your hands. When you’re making more per hour, you ultimately have to work less hours to achieve the same amount of income. Unlike the typical job where you must put in the same hours each week, you’re in control of how much you work and you can adjust at any time you feel it’s right for you. 

Opportunity and Freedom - We’re not for the long term

Every time we onboard somebody new at Caddy Moving, we make it clear that we don’t want you to feel like you have to commit to us for the long term. You can stay with us for a week, a year, or lifelong. It’s up to you, and with the system that we’ve set up, you can easily leave (and come back) quickly with no resistance. 

In addition, we’re an entrepreneurial-company, and we love hiring those who have that entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage everyone at Caddy to use the money they make with us to fuel their fire; start a YouTube channel, write music, or begin their own company if they wish. We love it when we can help our people start something new and exciting. Because we get it, even a “job” that’s as free and independent as it is working for us will still feel like a job at the end of the day. That’s why there are no hard feelings when you use us to catapult your way into a path of your own.