The Eco-Friendly Moving Company - A Letter from Caddy CEO

To our Valued Customers,

I want to take a moment to share with you the core values that guide our company and the deliberate steps we take to uphold them. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is not a mere afterthought, it's embedded in the DNA of our business model and every decision we make.

We started Caddy Moving with the aim of creating an innovative, customer-centric moving experience. We realized, however, that we could not ignore the environmental impact traditionally associated with the moving industry. Many conventional moving companies rely heavily on fleets of trucks that are in use all day, contributing significantly to carbon emissions.

We chose a different path. Our "asset-lite", labor-only approach allows us to eliminate the need for owning and operating a fleet of moving trucks. This operational structure not only reduces our overheads but also allows us to considerably lower our carbon footprint.

Our Caddies, the lifeblood of our operation, often carpool together when possible, saving extra trips and further reducing our emissions. Each decision we make, no matter how small it may seem, is a step towards our ultimate goal of contributing positively to our planet.

In addition to these measures, we've also decided to take a proactive approach to our green commitment. Every move booked with Caddy Moving contributes to initiatives aimed at removing CO2 from the atmosphere. We are excited and proud to turn every job we complete into a small but significant victory for the environment.

Our green commitment extends beyond just reducing our carbon emissions. We are continuously exploring new ways to innovate and make our operations more sustainable. We want to lead by example and show that it is indeed possible for a business to succeed while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

We understand that climate change is a monumental challenge, but we are committed to doing our part. We are a moving company that moves more than just belongings—we aim to move mindsets and inspire change in our industry.

Thank you for choosing Caddy Moving and for being part of our journey towards a greener future. We appreciate your trust and promise to continue working towards our commitment to sustainability with every move we make.

Sincerely yours,
Zach Richards
Co-Founder, CEO